The planning of a memorial is something that has always been looked at with something close to morbidity. It is also a process that is overwhelming and heartbreaking to almost anybody who loses a loved one. There are also several dos as well as don’ts when it comes to planning memorials and you should be well aware of these before you start the process. The planning of a memorial does not have to be traumatic or complicated and can be kept really simple. It could be transformed from something overwhelming to something that is almost liberating as you make your peace and say goodbye to a loved one. Here is some of the biggest memorial planning myths busted so that you will have more clarity for what you should and should not do.

Myth: The Planning Is Always Complicated

Not necessarily. The planning of a memorial can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. It does not have to be something that is so complicated that there is no way around it. You can of course also get the help of funeral directors so that the process does not weigh so heavily upon your mind. In brief, the more details you are looking for, the more complicated the process could get. But with careful thought and planning you can definitely simplify it.

Myth: Memorials Are Morbid and So Is Planning Them

Most of the time, people have a very negative or morbid connotation attached to the planning of memorials; whether it is for somebody close to you who has passed on or whether you are making plans in advance for your own. There is also an increasing trend of many people trying to plan a celebration of life rather than planning a serious and somber memorial, which deals only with the concept of death. A celebration of life is positive. It tells people of how the deceased loved to live and asks them to celebrate their life and bid them farewell with positivity and love.

Myth: Planning a Memorial Is Very Time-Consuming

Yes, anything takes time and so does planning a memorial. But if you know how to plan for it from the beginning, it will be possible for you to get what is needed to be done in a relatively short period of time. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of time that you spend on planning memorial is to write down everything in the beginning so that you have a clear direction to what you need to get done. Besides, since professional help is available nowadays, you need not worry too much about the time that you will have to take for the planning.

Myth: Planning Memorials Is Only For the Elderly

This is another very common myth which has absolutely no truth to it. Why would the planning of a memorial be limited to only elderly people? Nobody knows when their lives will end so isn’t it smart to make arrangements in advance in a positive and practical manner, rather than look at it like something negative and not making arrangements at all? If you are able to plan things out at least in basic detail it would come as a huge relief to your loved ones when you pass on since they already have the foundations and need not be stressed in the middle of their grieving.

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