There are many different types of website support servers that you can choose from for your business. You will need to decide this depending upon the requirements that you actually have for your website. Choosing from the large variety of choices that are out there today can be really tough and confusing which is why you need to do a little research before you go shopping for your server support. Here are a few different types of server supporting methods which will help you choose what suits your needs the best.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers will share one actual and physical server but that one server will behave in a way that feels like it is many different servers. It is also called a VPS web hosting and is something that is an intermediate stage of having a shared website server or getting one that is just for you. They will share the hardware when talking about resources but will each get a dedicated piece of the computing resources which is the difference. This technique has the added advantage of your website not slowing down because of the other sites that are also supported by the server. You will need to do a bit of detailed looking into what companies can offer you and depending upon the location of your business you might want to do some online research on sites such as where you will be able to get the information you need.

Dedicated Web Server

When you have a dedicated server for your website, you are basically renting out one whole server physically from the company that is providing the website support. If so, you will have control of this server completely. You will also not need to worry about your speed getting reduced because of other sites that use the same server and you definitely do not need to worry about resources being divided between you and other websites either. If your online business really grows and begins to draw in a lot of traffic, having a dedicated server would be the best possible choice for you to make at that point. However, do keep in mind that the cost of renting a dedicated server will be considerably higher than any other type of server support and that is why you need to be sure that your business can afford it.

Colocation Web Support

When you choose the colocation method, you will be renting a rack space from the data centre that supplies your web server support. You will therefore bring in your very own server and the company will give you the power, the cooling facilities and the security that the hardware needs. They will also give you an internet uplink for the purpose. This means that you will be responsible for your very own server software, backing up methods and the like. If the hardware does not function properly though, you will have to attend to that and fix it yourself.

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