Planning to travel to Australia and trying to come up with the perfect itinerary? Here are some wonderful activities you should cross off.

Island Hopping On an Incredible Private Yacht

Most of you might discard this idea thinking it would burn a hole in your wallet. But not exactly. If you do island hop in Australian style, it is surprisingly affordable. The Whitsunday islands cater to the yacht lovers and the sailing enthusiasts. Its perfectly serene waters and winds amid spectacular views feature 74 islands to hop from and to. Luckily for the privacy seekers 69 of these islands are uninhabited.

You can even try out bare boating. It is basically stocking up your boat with all provisions you need and sailing off into the jaw-dropping sunset in the Australian horizon. Even if you do not have experience in sailing, you can ask around and find a place to rent a yacht for your exhilarating excursion.

Let Your Inner Tennis Lover Out

Do not forget to catch one of the biggest tennis tournaments held in Australia, the Australian Open. The annually held tournament attracts many tennis enthusiasts from all over the world. Held for the first time in 1905, this incredible sporting event is scheduled on every last two weeks of January. Featuring an array of male and female tennis players, this tournament is held in Melbourne Park in Melbourne.

Enjoy a Ride across the Continent in a Luxurious Train

The Ghan is named after the groups of Afghan camel riders that used to wander in the plains of Australia. The train ride usually takes place 2,979 kilometres across the tropical plains of the Australian continent. And the journey successfully covers the famous mountains of the Flinders Ranges, the Katherine Gorge, Red Centre and even the scorched desert of Australia. The Ghan train ride takes up around three nights to cross the entire Australian continent.

Step into another Dimension at the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are found in the Nambung National Park in Western Australia. You will find the Pinnacles Desert around 250 miles north of Perth. Hundreds of pillars of limestone rise up against the sky in the Pinnacles Desert resembling ancient tombstones. The park is lined with wonderful white beaches, enchanting wild flowers and distinctive fauna and there are excellent chances to fish. You can try Cervantes, the famous neighbouring fishing village.

A Journey Only Foodies Should Take

Take a journey to the Farm Gate Market, Hobart. Start out with a breakfast of soft and crunchy bagels and doughnuts at the Farm Gate Market. There are many places to savour the local produce and the roads are ideal for an easy drive too. And the lucky news for the gourmet lovers is that there is only an hour ride in between the stores of the Farm Gate Market and the gourmet towns.

Check Out the NYE Fireworks

This is one place not to miss if you are travelling through Australia for the New Year’s. The Sydney Harbor puts on a jaw-dropping show with a million fireworks that you should not miss.

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